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Club Testimonials

Memphis Propbusters
Memphis, TN

joined 2012

We've been using DualRates as our website host for at least the last 5-6 years and I can say that DualRates understands what it takes to build, maintain, and service a RC club website. I've been the liaison between our membership and DualRates for the last 3 years and Jeff has always responded to our requests for features and functions.....not an easy task.....He's made my life a lot easier.

If any of you are looking for a club website host that can be easily customized to fit your particular needs, I can highly recommend DualRates. It's economical and the service is outstanding.

Charlie F.
Club President


Tri City Flyers
San Antonio, TX

joined 2014

Tri City Flyers in San Antonio, TX has been a large and active club for many years. The first web site for our club was developed by a club member that served our club’s purpose for several years but eventually became obsolete. About five years ago while serving as our club’s secretary I received an email from the owner of DualRates, Jeff Ritschel, offering his professional services. Jeff is an IT professional and very active in the RC airplane hobby. He understands what RC club officers need on their website to both manage their club and to provide an online presence which is important for marketing purposes. After evaluating the web site services offered and the price our club’s officers quickly agreed that we would hire DualRates to develop and host our club’s new website. Jeff helped us convert all of the old website’s content to the DualRates server. That was a fairly quick and easy process given the large amount of content moved. Our club’s membership roster was on the old website and was moved to our current website without problems. The DualRates website provides many powerful enhancements and allows potential new members to find us online. Once you have oriented yourself to the back end of the website you can quickly and easily add, change or delete content. In summary the DualRate’s website offers many good and powerful features. Rarely do I encounter website related problems but as needed Jeff has always responded to my requests for assistance in a timely manner. Even if your club has a tech savvy member who maintains your club’s website you probably should consider converting to a DualRates website. You never know how long the person managing your club’s website will agree to continue doing that work. Hiring DualRates to host your club’s website will provide your club the ability to maintain a powerful and user friendly website as your club’s leadership evolves over the years.

Rusty K.
Club Secretary


Funtime Virginia Aero-Nuts
Richmond, VA

joined 2016

Our club recently added this service from "DualRates" and my only complaint is we did not do this years ago.  You don't have to be a webmaster to update the things that our club needs to updates, such as club minutes, calendars, members contact list, etc.  Jeff was right there to help with any questions and made the process from moving from our old web page to a new one easy.  We highly recommend this service.

Robert W.
Club President